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Fund Raising

NRG inc. Drop In
@ the NCGAD

We Schedule Drop in every Saturday When the snow falls until May! 

Time 10am-12pm

$1 per Year old to a max $10 per kid

Drop ins start in around Haloween

All ages Welcome

Coachs will be present for games and instruction.

Parents of kids under 5 please stay in the school.

In the Fall we will have one every weekend when the snow falls, based on staff availability.



New This Year is Birthday Rentals. Call 306-769-7224 or click contact us for rental information.

Saturday's only for now.

Rental includes Coach(es) and 1 hr of games and fun.

Also coming soon NERF War parties



Haloween Chip Sale

Back by popular demand is our Halloween chip sale!!
On Sale Just before Halloween!
Gymnasts will sell boxes of chip bags perfect for giving to trick-or-treaters!
or to squirrel away for a snack in the winter months ahead.
New This Year Date Night
Feed your kids supper and drop them off!
Leave us your cell # and Go on a date IN TOWN
Kids will have fun, maybe do a craft, have a snack
Then all you do is pick them up before 8:30pm
We promise they will be tired out, or at least well do our best to tire them out. BED TIME SHOULD BE EASY!!
Dates and Price TBA

!More To Come!

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