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What We Offer:

  • ·Active Start Gymnastics for ages 3-5

  • ·Artistic Gymnastics for 6-14 and plan to offer more in the future

  • ·Weekend Drop-In Gymnastics (Dates TBA) - under the Fund Raising Tab

  • ·Coach In Training Program - Under the Projects Tab

  • ·Planned for future: Rhythmic, Trampoline, Adult Classes

What is Gymnastics?

Gymnastics philosophy is long term athletic development by building physical literacy skills through teaching FUN, FITNESS and FUNDAMENTAL MOVEMENT. Fun and Fitness are obvious. Fundamental Movement refers to all the movements we teach. These are • Landings • Static Positions • Locomotions • Rotations • Swings • Springs • Object Manipulation.

Gymnastics is considered to be a foundational sport by the International Olympic Committee. There are only three foundational sports; Swimming, Track and Field and Gymnastics.

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What is a Foundational sport?

A Foundational Sport is one where the skills and training a participant receives translate into EVERY other sport. This means that any person with a history in a foundational sport like gymnastics will make a better Hockey Player, Soccer Player, Basketball, dancers and on and on the list goes. The skills they learn will help with their physical literacy, proprioception, physical awareness, flexibility, recovery rate and it's because of these they less likely to get injured.

What is Active Start, MAG, WAG etc?

There are many aspects of Gymnastics as a sport, it is really several sports under one broad title.

Active Start Gymnastics - This refers to the initial stages of gymnastics, ages 0-5 years; it concentrates on building physical literacy through Games and fun activities. It initiates the idea of conquering fears through small steps. If a child is afraid of something here, they do not have to do it. They learn on stepped down apparatuses that the artistic gymnasts use.

Men’s and Woman’s Artistic Gymnastics (MAG and WAG) - This is what you see in the Olympics. The Bars, the big floor routines, the Pommel Horse, Vault and Rings. We teach these to a Competitive Introduction level.

Other Disciplines - Acrobatic Gymnastics, Rhythmic Gymnastics, Aerobic Gymnastics, Trampoline and the list goes on.

Who are We?

Nipawin Revolution Gymnastics Club inc. NRG inc. is a member of GymSask and Gymnastics Canada. Our Coaches are trained and certified by these organizations.  NRG inc. has been in operation since the early 1980’s primarily as a set-up/take-down program at the Wagner School Gymnasium until now. This Year 2019 we are moving to the Nipawin Centre for Gymnastics and Athletic Development check project to learn more.

We coach students ages 3-14, and have plans to expand in the future.

We presently have long term coaching staff and are training more. We have started a coach training program to sustain the growth of the club. We have some equipment, we have coaches and we have a lot of public interest.

How are We Run?

The Club business is overseen by the NTGC board all of whom are volunteers. The Board is comprised of several Members:

  • President - Alanna MacDonald

  • Treasurer - Karly Youswa

  • Fudnraising Committee Chair - Jennifer Youswa

Many Thanks to these individuals for giving up their time.

Without them the club would not be able to function.



Our coaches are highly trained and nationally certified. NRG coaches are trained and certified by Gymnastics Saskatchewan and Gymnastics Canada They are employed to instruct gymnastics and trampoline classes according their level of certification. There is one head coach who oversees the other coaches, all of whom oversee the coaches in training.​ Our Coaches and participants are also insured through GymSask.

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